Need a panda fix, any time, any place?  Don't live near any of the zoos that have pandas?  Pandacams mean you can see pandas any time you want, as many of them are available 24/7.  Try it, it's addictive!

National Zoological Park, Washington, DC  

The National Zoo is home to Tian Tian (M), Mei Xiang (F), and their 2 year old cub, Tai Shan (M). The zoo has 2 webcams available 24 hours daily, although they are staffed only between 7 am and 7 pm local time, so the pandas may not be on camera during other times. One camera is always focused on Tai Shan, and the other camera is usually on Mei Xiang, unless she and Tien Tien are together. The webcam requires Windows Media Player and can be found at: 

National Zoo panda cam 1  

National Zoo panda cam 2

National Zoo camera operators also operate a panda cam hosted by Animal Planet, which is the same as one of the Zoo’s panda cams, but features sound and is sometimes available when the Zoo’s panda cams are down.  The Animal Planet cam requires RealPlayer and can be seen here:

Animal Planet panda cam


Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia  

Zoo Atlanta is home to Yang Yang (M), Lun Lun (F), and their one year old cub Mei Lan. The zoo has one webcam, which is available from 10am-5pm ET, Monday through Friday. The camera is generally focused on Mei Lan and Lun Lun. The webcam requires Windows Media Player and can be found at: 

Zoo Atlanta panda cam



Memphis Zoo, Memphis, Tennessee  

The Memphis Zoo is home to Ya Ya (M) and Le Le (F). The zoo has one webcam, which is available 24 hours daily, although camera operators are only on duty during business hours.  The webcam requires Windows Media Player and can be found at:

Memphis Zoo panda cam 



San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California  

The San Diego Zoo is home to Gao Gao (M), Bai Yun (F), and their 3 offspring: Su Lin (F), Mei Sheng (M), and a new cub (unnamed) born on 8/3/07. The zoo has one webcam, which is available 24 hours daily. Numbers on the camera image indicate which panda is currently being featured.  The webcam requires Adobe Flash Player and can be found at: 

San Diego Zoo panda cam



Wolong Giant Panda Center, Wolong, Sichuan Province, China

The Wolong Panda Cam features pandas at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China, including the infamous “panda kindergarten ,” with multiple juvenile cubs.  This panda cam is available 24 hours daily.  Different cams are featured at different websites.

OIC panda cam

Earthcam panda cam

Home panda cam (both user name and password are “guest.”)



Ocean Park Zoo, Hong Kong

The Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong is home to Le Le (M) and Ying Ying (F).  The zoo has four webcams, which are available from 9am-6pm local time daily.  During other times, streaming video of previous broadcasts is available.

Hong Kong panda cam 1

Hong Kong panda cam 2

Hong Kong panda cam 3

Hong Kong panda cam 4

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